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We believe in creating an atmosphere for those who want to join their talents with their passion for growing First Church. We are looking for people who love Jesus, and love like Jesus every day. 

You can find more about us by looking at our Who We Are page.  Get a glimpse of our team on the Leaders page.

Current Job Listings

Creative Arts Director

Job Description

Job Title: Creative Arts Director

Purpose Statement:  The creative arts director carries the primary responsibility to create a vision and implement strategies for the worship music and elements of all services.

This person is a minister with a passion for Jesus Christ and First Church.  He/she is enthusiastically focused on First Church’s mission to make disciples that will fulfill the mission and vision.  He/she is a proven team player who possesses a positive attitude and can excel in a fast-paced, energetic and, team environment.

Reports to:  Executive Minister

Staff Expectations:

  1. Live committed to our mission of  “LOVE JESUS.  LOVE LIKE JESUS.”
  2. Abide by the First Church Policies and Procedures Handbook.
  3. Regularly attend Sunday services at a First Church campus.
  4. Contributes to the team spirit of the staff through fellowship, encouragement, cooperation, and prayer.

General Responsibilities:

  • Oversight of worship music and elements of all services at all campuses and musical programs
  • Evaluates all services and musical events.  Makes necessary adjustments to assure the most impact
  • Responsible for the recruitment of musicians and singers
  • Oversight of Technical Ministries (Sound, Light, Video and Staging)
  • Manage the annual Worship Budget (Includes Technical Ministries budgets)



  1. A mature, growing believer with a clear understanding of the Gospel.
  2. Committed to spiritual integrity.
  3. Effective communication skills.
  4. Committed to our community and culture.
  5. In agreement with our doctrine, mission and values.
  6. Can both lead and thrive in a team-based environment
  7. Can manage multiple priorities.
  8. Teachable, responsive, respectful and can adapt to First Church.

Compensation: This is a full-time salaried position.  Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Work Schedule:  Ministry is not, and should not, be a “9 to 5 office position.”  This position requires flexibility in schedule and a commitment to be available to staff during the day and available during the evening.  Obviously, boundaries are encouraged and required, for personal and family health. The staff of First Church is committed to team ministry that pursues excellence with an attitude of “whatever it takes to get the job done.”  Therefore, additional time may be required outside of regular hours and normal schedules.


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