Chad Broaddus - March 4, 2018

Doing Life Together

The church is to be a community where God’s people do life together. There are different levels of friendships: 1) Cosmetic Friendships; 2) Casual Friendships; 3) Committed Friendships; 4) Covenant Friendships. All of us need the last three friendships in life, but it’s especially important that we have one or two people who are “covenant friendships.” These are the people we do life with. These are the friends we “yoke” ourselves to and who help us find strength in God.

From Series: "Together"

God has woven within the fabric of our DNA the need for human connection. We were created to be relational people. God designed relationships for our good. The problem is… we have allowed Satan to highjack what God intended for our good.

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